Italian Shopping Network start as a specialized company in selling fresh Italian products, such as processed meat products and fresh and hard cheeses, to become a company specialized in the whole range of high quality Italian food.

The producers our partners, are certified companies with a big experience in the foreign markets and all of them follow the strategy of investing in technology to be able to produce still artisanal products but with the highest quality standards.

This is very important in order to permit to our foreign partners to be able to have the best high quality range of Italian products, the possibility to personalize the products (highest flexibility) and to have a guarantee by the International quality certifications our producers have and to have a special attention to the single product, typical of the old small artesanal companies.

Our company is able to supply any kind of typical Italian foodstuff.

Pasta Rice

Pasta is the most popular first course in the world, a symbol of Italian culture and national pride. This is why Italians are very keen to ensure that it is prepared in a workmanlike manner. It is more than a food, it is an element of union shared throughout Italy: it is an integral part of the life, of popular culture (simple but traditional) of all Italians, not only of their cuisine, but of their very essence. Pasta means tradition, the symbol of Italian cuisine forever and ever.
In addition to the traditional dried pasta, there are many varieties of pasta in Italy, including filled pasta.
Stuffed pasta is traditionally widespread throughout central and northern Italy, but it is especially along the Po Valley that the best known specialties have developed.

Although we are often identified with pasta, Italy is the first rice-producing country in Europe, with around 230,000 hectares sown, over 100 cultivated varieties and a national production stably exceeding one million tons.

Among the pillars of the Mediterranean Unesco Heritage diet, in the cereal family, rice accompanies the Italian table with many recipes, which never seem to run out over time. It is an anti-waste food, because even when it advances it can be transformed into another dish: from risotto to baked rice au gratin, from boiled rice to supplì.

Oils dressing and preserves

Italy is the most important country in the world producing quality extra virgin olive oil. Our country boasts a series of producers of great relevance and prestige and make extra virgin olive oil one of the most sought after and appreciated made in Italy products on the table of consumers all over the world.

The secret of balsamic vinegar is handed down from father to son, the art of vinegar is one of the most extraordinary traditions of Modena. An ancient knowledge made of unwritten gestures and traditions. To obtain a “perfect Balsamic Vinegar, start with the selection of the grapes, follow the quality of the containers and the time”. Traditionally, the barrels are composed of a series of 5 or 7 of decreasing size, made with different fine woods in which the vinegar stays gradually, absorbing their aromas and aromas.

Food preserves are every variety of vegetable preserved in various ways to be eaten even out of season. Since ancient times they were prepared at home by housewives and kept for consumption when they did not exist fresh.

With the advent of the food industry, the industrial production of canned food began in the mid-nineteenth century. Among the first ever, tomato preserves can be considered in the version of: passata, peeled and tomato concentrates, of which Italy is the best known and appreciated producer in the world.

Our selection of producers allows us to have a wide range of products, from the main canned tomatoes and sauces to porcini mushrooms in oil

Dairy products

Italian cheeses have always been among the most popular ever, with over 450 traditional cheeses surveyed by the Regions to which are added the 40 denominations recognized by the EU.
Our selection of Italian PDO and typical cheeses includes over 300 typical delights from “caseifici” known all over the world or rare delights from small businesses that are really worth knowing.
From Parmigiano Reggiano aged up to 50 months to Castelmagno Dop also passing through Taleggio. Great cheeses also require great attention: our shipments respect the integrity and freshness of each cheese thanks to special freshness-saving packages that will bring the best Italian flavors to your tables.


Blue fish such as anchovies, sardines and mackerel, with a significant nutritional contribution as well as salmon or very rich in minerals such as clams: Italian fish preserves combine taste and health, positioning itself as first choice products for a diet based on the Mediterranean diet.

Flours & spices

We have selected our partners to have a line of flours to satisfy every need, even at home: traditional, natural, gluten-free, special and professional. A complete range of flours to bring quality and experience to your home and rediscover the simplicity and enthusiasm of “handmade” in each recipe.

We have selected the best spice companies, because we think that the spices emit pleasant aromas and enhance the flavor of some foods, transforming the dishes into something extraordinary with the addition of color, flavor, vitamins and often medicinal properties.